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The recommended editor is Notepad++ Once you have installed this you need to update the "User defined langauge" feature as follows:

  • If you have defined no other language extensions yourself, you just need to download the latest version of userDefineLang.xml and then save this to your "Application specific data area"
  • If you have defined additional languages yourself, you need to download userDefineLang.xml and then "cut and paste" the GCL section of this into your existing userDefineLang.xml file.

To find your "Application specific data area" open an explorer window and type the path %APPDATA% This will open the top area and you should see a Notepad++ folder into which you should save the file. The final directory location will be somewhere like C:\Documents and Settings\Your_Login_Name\Application Data\Notepad++

To open a GCL file in Notepad++ you can either right click on it and select the "Edit with Notepad++" shortcut or you can change the default file association for GCL files. To change the default association:

  • Got to Tools, Folder Options in Windows explorer
  • Go to File Types, locate GCL and select Change...
  • If Notepad++ is not listed as one of the programs, use the Browse... button to locate the program (probably installed as C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe)

If when you open a file highlighting is not enabled, just select GCL from the botton of the Notepad++ Language menu.